Why Herbalism?

For anyone who has started down the path of making changes toward more natural options, you know very well that one small change leads to another, then another, and another. Before you realize what has happened, you have turned into a natural health enthusiast, empowered homebirth junkie, and you turn to plants for medicine. At least that is what happened to me. What started as a simple quest to find a more natural shampoo lead to a love of a more natural way of living overall.

For me, the decision to become an herbalist just made sense. I wanted to take care of my family in the least toxic way possible. I wanted to have an arsenal of tools to use not just for cleaning and cooking, but even for situations when sickness happens. I wanted to know what to do in emergency situations to help facilitate the best outcome. I wanted to be prepared.

Unfortunately, as I traveled down the path of learning more about our current healthcare system, I learned some pretty shocking truths. For one, iatrogenic death, those caused by the medical establishment, is estimated to be the third leading cause of death in the United States. It wasn’t enough to just know the bad stuff or what I hoped to avoid though. I needed something positive. I needed something that I could count on when it came to not only my health but the health of my family. Herbalism was my answer.

I received my Nutritional Herbalist certificate from the School of Natural Healing. The school was started in 1953 by Dr. John Christopher. As a Master Herbalist, he lived a very inspired life and dedicated himself to helping others find true health and healing. The School of Natural Healing offers several online courses for anyone interested in taking the steps to become an herbalist themselves. If you follow the link here, you can receive a discounted price on the Family Herbalist Certification course.