Hair Mineral Analysis – The Perfect Tool for Your Health

You thought you were doing everything right, but… So you’ve made the decision to make health a priority. You’ve taken steps to clean up your diet and focus on eating more foods that fuel your body. You’ve removed some of the toxins in your environment, maybe through switching out your personal care products, maybe by READ MORE

7 Signs You Might Have Heavy Metal Toxicity

Heavy metals are all around us. Unfortunately, because our bodies have become overwhelmed with the level of toxins in our world today, they are inside of us too. Some of the exposure sources to heavy metals include: Deodorant (aluminum) Water (lead, arsenic, and more) Consuming fish (mercury) Food cooked in metal (aluminum, nickel, and more) READ MORE

What Is A Hair Mineral Analysis?

Maybe you’ve heard, but hair mineral analysis is now available with a wellness consultation. But first, what is hair mineral analysis, and why does it matter? As our bodies absorb and use minerals from our diets and our environment, the unused minerals are either expelled or stored. Our hair is one of the places these READ MORE

Do You Have Heavy Metal Toxicity?

Aluminum, mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, and more… In today’s world, heavy metals are all around us. They have become very difficult to avoid. Heavy metals end up in the soil near roads each time you tap the breaks on your car. Heavy metals in pots, pans, utensils, and other cooking tools leach into our foods. READ MORE

What Can Your Hair Tell You About Your Health?

Did you know that your hair can give you real clues about your health? I’m not talking about what your hair looks like, if it is soft, shiny, strong, or even split-end free. I’m talking about the minerals in your hair. Believe it or not, minerals from your diet and those in your environment wind READ MORE