A Natural Mastitis Protocol

  Oh, mastitis, how I don’t love thee. If you don’t know what mastitis is, just image that you came down with a very sudden and really bad cold. And then a train hit you. Really. You get achy all over, a splitting headache, a fever, plus you have a hot and sore plugged milk READ MORE

So You Are Low On Iron?

  Suffering from low iron? Diagnosed with anemia? This seems to be a common issue, especially among pregnant mothers and those who have recently had a baby.   Can’t I just take a pill? There are definitely a lot of ways to increase your iron intake, but some of them are not so ideal. Many READ MORE

Herbal Remedies for Nausea in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an incredibly beautiful time in a woman’s life. The ability to participate in creation in such a powerful, raw way, is something that I will always be in awe of. Unfortunately though, many women, myself included, have experienced the not so beautiful side of pregnancy. From personal experience, I can tell you that READ MORE

An Herb For Breastfeeding Mothers

  The smellĀ of a newborn…I don’t know that anything beats it. The combination of milky breath from a recent breastfeeding session and the softest, smoothest skin smells like pure love.   For some mothers though, that milky breath smell doesn’t come so easily. Breastfeeding can be tough. Some women struggle to produce enough milk for READ MORE

Hair Mineral Analysis Results – My Story

As part of my wellness consultation packages, I have added hair mineral analysis to my list of services. Before reorganizing my consultation plans though, I had to test drive the analysis both to make sure it would be well suited for serving client health, but also partly because I was just curious of my own READ MORE

Do You Have Heavy Metal Toxicity?

Aluminum, mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, and more… In today’s world, heavy metals are all around us. They have become very difficult to avoid. Heavy metals end up in the soil near roads each time you tap the breaks on your car. Heavy metals in pots, pans, utensils, and other cooking tools leach into our foods. READ MORE

What Can Your Hair Tell You About Your Health?

Did you know that your hair can give you real clues about your health? I’m not talking about what your hair looks like, if it is soft, shiny, strong, or even split-end free. I’m talking about the minerals in your hair. Believe it or not, minerals from your diet and those in your environment wind READ MORE

Juice Vs. Smoothies

I am sure that you have heard the hype about the wonderful benefits of juicing fresh fruits and vegetables or making smoothies out of them. It seems that the moment you run out to buy a juicer or a high powered blender though, you come across an article touting the advantages of the one you READ MORE