Hair Mineral Analysis – The Perfect Tool for Your Health

You thought you were doing everything right, but… So you’ve made the decision to make health a priority. You’ve taken steps to clean up your diet and focus on eating more foods that fuel your body. You’ve removed some of the toxins in your environment, maybe through switching out your personal care products, maybe by READ MORE

7 Signs You Might Have Heavy Metal Toxicity

Heavy metals are all around us. Unfortunately, because our bodies have become overwhelmed with the level of toxins in our world today, they are inside of us too. Some of the exposure sources to heavy metals include: Deodorant (aluminum) Water (lead, arsenic, and more) Consuming fish (mercury) Food cooked in metal (aluminum, nickel, and more) READ MORE

Hair Mineral Analysis Results – My Story

As part of my wellness consultation packages, I have added hair mineral analysis to my list of services. Before reorganizing my consultation plans though, I had to test drive the analysis both to make sure it would be well suited for serving client health, but also partly because I was just curious of my own READ MORE