Vitamin B12 – A Bacteria Story

  Maybe you’ve heard, but an increasing number of Americans are deficient in Vitamin B12 (also called cobalamin). This water-soluble vitamin is vital to our brain health and overall function. In fact, a deficiency is associated with neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease. Although people can get this vitamin through consuming animal products, animals don’t READ MORE

A Natural Mastitis Protocol

  Oh, mastitis, how I don’t love thee. If you don’t know what mastitis is, just image that you came down with a very sudden and really bad cold. And then a train hit you. Really. You get achy all over, a splitting headache, a fever, plus you have a hot and sore plugged milk READ MORE

So You Are Low On Iron?

  Suffering from low iron? Diagnosed with anemia? This seems to be a common issue, especially among pregnant mothers and those who have recently had a baby.   Can’t I just take a pill? There are definitely a lot of ways to increase your iron intake, but some of them are not so ideal. Many READ MORE

Herbal Remedies for Nausea in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an incredibly beautiful time in a woman’s life. The ability to participate in creation in such a powerful, raw way, is something that I will always be in awe of. Unfortunately though, many women, myself included, have experienced the not so beautiful side of pregnancy. From personal experience, I can tell you that READ MORE

An Herb For Breastfeeding Mothers

  The smellĀ of a newborn…I don’t know that anything beats it. The combination of milky breath from a recent breastfeeding session and the softest, smoothest skin smells like pure love.   For some mothers though, that milky breath smell doesn’t come so easily. Breastfeeding can be tough. Some women struggle to produce enough milk for READ MORE

Why Chemo, Radiation, and Surgery Won’t Cure Cancer

  Let me start by saying that if you or someone you love is facing a cancer diagnosis, there is hope. No matter what the prognosis is, there is always hope. Never lose sight of that. Never let a doctor put a time limit on your lifespan – they don’t get to decide your fate. READ MORE

Hair Mineral Analysis – The Perfect Tool for Your Health

You thought you were doing everything right, but… So you’ve made the decision to make health a priority. You’ve taken steps to clean up your diet and focus on eating more foods that fuel your body. You’ve removed some of the toxins in your environment, maybe through switching out your personal care products, maybe by READ MORE

7 Tips to Improve Your Microbiome Today

Did you know that there are more bacterial cells in your body than there are human cells? While this may sound alarming to some, keep in mind that not all bacteria is bad. In fact, bacteria is necessary for our survival and our overall health. In recent years, more research has been surfacing about the READ MORE

7 Signs You Might Have Heavy Metal Toxicity

Heavy metals are all around us. Unfortunately, because our bodies have become overwhelmed with the level of toxins in our world today, they are inside of us too. Some of the exposure sources to heavy metals include: Deodorant (aluminum) Water (lead, arsenic, and more) Consuming fish (mercury) Food cooked in metal (aluminum, nickel, and more) READ MORE

Top 7 Tips To Making Sustainable Diet Changes

Making diet changes can be difficult and get overwhelming quickly. For most of us though, improving our diet is one of the best ways to improve our health and simply feel good on a regular basis. That’s why I wanted to share some of my top tips for making changes to your current diet that READ MORE