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As part of my wellness consultation packages, I have added hair mineral analysis to my list of services. Before reorganizing my consultation plans though, I had to test drive the analysis both to make sure it would be well suited for serving client health, but also partly because I was just curious of my own mineral levels.

Since becoming a mom, one of my biggest concerns due to the ability to be passed on to the next generation was my toxic metal levels. Thankfully, my years of building and maintaining a toxic-free home and lifestyle seem to be paying off, as my heavy metal levels were almost non-existent. This will likely be something that I will continually monitor over the years to stay on top of any new toxicities that arise. Heavy metals are so prevalent in our society that they are impossible to completely avoid.

Looking over my nutritional minerals, my levels were pretty even across the board. Just focusing on the individual minerals, it looked as though my current diet has been able to provide a solid variety of my nutritional needs. However, minerals do not stay in neat, singular packages. They interact with each other. For example, sodium and potassium interact with each other as they carry out processes within the body. What may look like an adequate level of one, may not actually be enough if the other level is not at an optimal level. When we consider these mineral ratios and how they interact with each other, a few patterns started to form when looking over my analysis.

The two issues that seemed to show up in several places in my report where reduced adrenal function and reduced thyroid function. While this wasn’t an answer that I wanted to hear, it was still a welcomed one. I had been suspecting thyroid dysfunction for a while, and literally, the night before my results came in I had a conversation with my husband about how I felt that I needed to have my thyroid levels checked. Thyroid abnormalities have become extremely common during the postpartum period and can lead to a long list of miserable side effects if left untreated, one of which is depression (another thing that is common postpartum). Personally, I had been feeling abnormally fatigued despite getting my normal amount of sleep. I was irritable and stressed. The words “stress burnout” and chronic stress very accurately described how I was feeling.

While those symptoms are common among many moms, they are not the way the body was intended to function no matter what stage of life you are in. When it comes to feeling “off” or sick, we don’t just have to throw in the towel and live with because we happen to have children. As much as parents sacrifice and pour their hearts out to try to put their kids on the path to health, they deserve health too. No one thrives on the backburner. My results confirmed some of what I had been suspecting and meant that I could breathe a little easier. Knowing was just the first step though. Then comes action. I’ve started on a healing protocol for my thyroid and adrenals, and I have been following action steps to keep my stress levels in check as well. For me, this means I get to spend more time outdoors, barefoot in the garden dirt and soaking up the sunshine. Even though it has only been a couple weeks, I can already feel a drastic change for the better.

My mineral analysis results noted a few other surprising tidbits that are certainly true for me but definitely not something that I expected my mineral levels to be able to predict. For one, while I have zero trouble falling asleep, I wake frequently throughout the night. Sure that might be predictable due to the fact that I have a young child, but my magnesium levels might also play a significant role in determining that as well. A couple others included my metabolic type and even that I express type A behavior patterns. All this from a small hair sample…

This test is something that I am looking forward to doing more often. It will be really interesting to see how my results change over time when I am able to compare results.

If you are ready to have your mineral levels tested, I am here to help.

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