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As a student of the School of Natural Healing, I learned a lot about the herbal formulas created by Dr. John Christopher, the Master Herbalist who started the school in 1953. He designed over 60 herbal formulas, taking the care to thoroughly select each herb based on what would help bring symptom relief and work on healing the condition itself. His products are still created today, and they are made with organic and wildcrafted herbs whenever possible. The manufacturer, located in Utah, batch tests the herbs to ensure they are pure and unadulterated. These formulas are a result of many, many years of education and practice. When I need a packaged herbal product, these are the ones I use in my own home for my family and myself because I know they are designed with the same care and thought that I put into my own remedies. Dr. Christopher also created a Kid-E line of products specifically designed for children. There are formulas for many conditions and ailments, so this is not an exhaustive list of his products. Please know that these are affiliate links, and while the price is the same to customers clicking here or searching directly through Amazon, I do receive a small commission if you choose to purchase a product through any of the links below.

Dr. Christopher Herbal Formulas


Single Herbs

Dr. Christopher Cayenne                                                 Dr. Christopher Lobelia
Dr. Christopher Slippery Elm                                           Dr. Christopher Echinacea
Dr. Christopher Garlic Oil


Target-Specific Formulas

Dr. Christopher Glandular System                                     Dr. Christopher Kidney Formula
Dr. Christopher Lower Bowel Formula                              Dr. Christopher Eyebright
Dr. Christopher Prostate Plus                                              Dr. Christopher Female Reproductive Formula
Dr. Christopher Pancreas Formula                                      Dr. Christopher Ear and Nerve Formula
Dr. Christopher Complete Tissue and Bone                     Dr. Christopher Hormonal Changease
Dr. Christopher Nerve Formula



Dr. Christopher Itch Ointment                                          Dr. Christopher Sen Sei Ointment
Dr. Christopher Complete Tissue and Bone


Nutritional Supplements

Dr. Christopher Calcium Formula                                    Dr. Christopher Vitalerbs


Miscellaneous Favorites

Dr. Christopher Super Garlic Immune                             Dr. Christopher Male Tonic
Dr. Christopher MindTrac                                                  Dr. Christopher Relax-Eze
 Dr. Christopher Slumber


Kid-E Line

Dr. Christopher Kid-E-Col                                              Dr. Christopher Kid-E-Mins
Dr. Christopher Kid-E-Mune                                          Dr. Christopher Kid-E-Well
Dr. Christopher Kid-E-Reg