Online Courses By Olivia


Herbal First Aid Kit

Learn which herbs and remedies should be included in your first aid kit, different ways to use each herb, and where to find them. Be prepared when you or a loved one needs help dealing with upset stomachs, wounds, infections, sore throats, coughs, and more. At the end of this course, you will receive a PDF cheat sheet with all of the herbs mentioned and their uses for quick referencing in times of need. Check out the course here.


Simple Substitutes To Upgrade Your Diet

Plate with carrots and peas in the shape of a flower

In this course, I discuss several ingredients that are commonly used in recipes and simple ways you can swap them out for more nutritious alternatives that won’t require you to completely change the way you cook. I will address why the ingredients mentioned can be troublesome for our health and the advantages of switching to the substitutions mentioned. Click here to view the course.


Herbalism Certification Courses

Do you want to take things a step further and become an herbalist yourself? Do you want to know which herbs to use to care for yourself and your family and feel confident while doing so? Then join the ranks of herbalists who have attended The School of Natural Healing, founded by Master Herbalist Dr. John Christopher in 1953. The School of Natural Healing offers several courses on herbalism and contains a thorough ciriculum that has influenced herbalism schools around the world. If you are interested in starting your herbalism education, you can receive a discount on the introductory course, the Family Herbalist program, by following the link here.